Impressing a new client feels great
Finding that client is hard

Most people think that finding new customers means cold-calling, networking or throwing money at advertising and hoping it works.

We have a different approach. Can we talk?

Most advertising doesn't work

An advertising agency will burn every cent you can find to "get your name out there" or "build your brand". They'll tell you how well it's worked even if you can't spot a single new sale from their efforts. Call us naive but we think that spending on marketing that doesn't lead to more sales is not a good strategy for staying solvent.

Spending your own time on cold-calling or networking can get results but it's hard work. You need years to build up the skills and confidence to do it effectively. You have to have the discipline to focus on finding new clients when there is a load of real work to be done otherwise it's a cycle of feast and famine. And, it doesn't scale. No employee is ever going to be as good at finding new clients as you are.

And then there is the internet - so much noise about using the latest internet craze to find clients: Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, blogging, websites, Youtube, Twitter etc. Our experience has been that most business owners don't have the time and background to judge if these really work. It seems that the only people making a living out of them are the gurus selling their "insider secrets" before flitting to the next big thing. It's no wonder that many of our clients have written these off as a load of bull.

We think there is a better way. Can we talk?

Every business needs a steady stream of potential new clients

Its good for morale. Picking up the phone to someone who wants your help is much more fun than making a cold call. Nobody likes trying to get past secretaries and then spewing a sales pitch to someone who isn't interested.

It takes the pressure off. If you've only got one sales prospect you have to close the deal or the kids are going hungry. The desperation always comes through. Knowing that the next sales lead will land soon means you can take a more relaxed approach. It becomes a consultation to see if your offering is a good fit for the prospects needs. That never feels like a hard sell.

You can be picky. We've all had toxic clients. They demand discounts, are horrible to work with and then pay late. We stick with them because there is nobody else. Some of the prospects we send might be those kind of people, but you don't have to do business with them. There are enough good ones to let you say no to the bad ones.

The value of a steady stream of leads is not just in the sale you make today. It's in the long-term relationship: the ongoing business, the referrals and the stability that a loyal client base brings. Our job is to deliver that steady stream of potential new clients to you. Can we talk?

SalesMotor is not for everyone

SalesMotor works really well for people selling high value products and services. Where the first sale is worth a lot of money or there is long-term value in the relationship with the client.

It's especially good for tangible goods and specialised services. We've done well finding sales leads for book binding services, compressors, furnaces, first aid training, awnings, ducting, banners, bins, lasik eye surgery, balustrades, decking, golf carts, signs, roofing, waterproofing, generators, uniform, and a whole lot more.

We are a not a good choice if you business model is based on lots of low value sales. Same if you sell personal services like life coaching, counselling, financial planning etc. We probably won't be able to help if your business is very local - hairdressers, dentists, hardware shops and opticians fall into this category.

Our clients love the 213 806 enquiries we sent so far

A quick note to thank you for your service. The enquiries flooding in are adding sales at a pace, but there is so much more. The knowledge and processes you give away as part of the service add even more value than the enquiries.

Our closing rate is consequently much higher, and the team is having a lot more fun. You have given us a great year.

Chris Riley, The Notebook Company

I am so busy with new leads - I'm thrilled with results so far.

Dermot Heron, Independent Software Developer

Some positive feedback for you, this lead we managed to convert into metal stands (THEY WANTED PLASTIC), and order placed to the value of R 97 000-00. First big one so far.

Tommy Hardiman, Active Displays

We signed up as a SalesMotor client about 6 weeks ago – with nothing to go on but a great reference from a personal friend and a good gut feel we simply said “What have we got to lose?”

6 weeks later – we are simply bowled over! The campaign that you created for us has generated – not only LEADS, but leads that have converted into bookings – which at the end of the day is what business is all about!

A Balloon Safari is for many a bucket list item and it DOES come with a price tag – yet the leads generated from Sales Motor have been phenomenal – with just over 30% of the leads purchasing this awesome experience! The campaign has paid for itself – plus a bit (and a bit more!!!!) so a big thank you to you Peter!

Sarah Bauling, Marketing Manager at Bill Harrop's "Original" Balloon Safaris

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