Hi. Pete Bowen here. I own SalesMotor.

I'm the bald bloke in the picture below. The handsome one is my eldest son Zeek.

I live in Gran Canaria - a small island in the Atlantic - but I'm from South Africa and have also lived in the United Kingdom.

I've worked on the problems SalesMotor solves since 2008. More after the picture.

Pete Bowen
My son Zeek and I on one of the happiest days of my life.

SalesMotor exists because humans + good software = more sales.

Between 2008 and 2022 I generated more than 2 000 000 leads for my clients.

My clients couldn't sell. Fewer than 5% of those 2 000 000 leads ever turned into paying customers.

But, I ignored the problem. I figured my job ended when I delivered the lead.

And in the beginning it didn't matter that much. Generating leads on Google was cheap back then. In some industries we paid less than 50 cents a lead. (You heard me right, not 50 cents a click, 50 cents a lead.)

And so went on. I generated the leads. Google made some money, and the clients closed enough deals to stay in business.

That changed in 2015. A client asked me to help figure out why they were closing so few deals. Together we tracked the flow of every lead through his business. We found where leads were being neglected. We found the bottlenecks in his processes. We discovered important but not urgent work that wasn't being done.

We ended up building a custom lead management system. It uses a combination of automation and human-helping technology to more than double his sales rate. The system is still in use today. It's enabled him to scale up his business from fewer than a 100 leads a month to handling almost 2 000 leads a month.

This became my approach to all new clients. I'd start by generating leads for them using Google Ads. Then once the leads were flowing I'd ask "How many of those leads turned into sales?" The answer was inevitably something like "I don't know" or "Not many". That would be my cue start working with them to turn more leads into sales.

I built several more custom lead management systems. They work, no doubt about it, but the problem is that they're expensive.

They cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and a few thousand a year to run.

That kind of cost makes sense if you're handling several thousand leads a month. But, if you're only dealing with a few hundred leads each month you're stuck with some clunky CRM system. Or, more likely, you manage your leads from your email inbox. Neither of which is optimal.

Luckily technology improves and makes some things cheaper. It took a few years but the costs have come down enough so that a tool like SalesMotor can exist.

You get all the crucial features you need to turn more leads into sales without having to spend tens of thousands.

Your business is almost guaranteed to make more sales than you currently do if:-

That's where SalesMotor comes in.