95% of sales leads don't become sales

I learned that number helping clients make more sales to leads from online advertising.

My clients sold different products and services, but the symptoms were the same:-

  • They'd get an enquiry from their website but the person wouldn't answer when they called. If they emailed they'd never get a reply.
  • They'd send lots of quotes / estimates every month but most of them get no response, not even a thank-you.
  • Advertising on Google or Facebook cost more and more but sales didn't go up at the same rate.

They'd expected that advertising would bring them more business. But, although they were getting leads only a tiny percentage turned into sales.

Your prices aren't the problem.

As we worked together to unlock extra sales we discovered that cost wasn't the main reason for losing most opportunities. It turns out that sometimes handling leads was a little ... chaotic. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Leads are scattered. Website leads are in your inbox. Phone calls are in notes somewhere. WhatsApp enquiries are in your phone and so on. There is no one place where you can see the status of every lead you've received.
  • Nobody has time to keep chasing leads who don't answer the first time you call or email.
  • Nobody has time to follow up on quotes. You send them and never hear anything back.
  • Nobody knows how many are turning into sales. Nobody can answer the questions like "We spent $50 000 on Google Ads last month. How much money did we make from that" or "Is it still worth advertising on Facebook?"

This is where SalesMotor comes in. It gives you:-

  • One place for all your leads, website, phone calls, walk ins. No more leads getting lost in inboxes or sticky notes.
  • All the knowledge about the progress of the deal - notes, documents, what happened and so on - in one place. No more wondering what happened.
  • Powerful automation to follow up on every single lead and quote - even when you're crazy-busy.
  • And more.


SalesMotor isn't a good fit for e-commerce businesses. And it's unlikely that you need it if you're only dealing with one or two enquiries a week. But, it might be a good fit if:-

  • You get several enquiries / leads a day.
  • Your sales process is offline - it doesn't happen entirely on your website.
  • You don't currently convert as many leads into sales as you'd like.

SalesMotor is currently in beta. Everything works, but we haven't figured out every detail including how much it will cost.

The price will be generous. The goal is to have SalesMotor easily pay for itself from the profit from the extra sales it helps you make.

It will probably start at $99 / month for smaller businesses.

Want to make more sales?

If this sounds interesting we should meet to see if SalesMotor might be a good fit for your business. Please use the form below to make contact.